Tips For Writing a Resume Objective

resume objective statement

Effective Resume Objective Statements : Your Definitive Guide

Writing a resume objective statement can be a daunting prospect, especially in the early stages of your career whether it’s for your first job or your first career move. How do you separate yourself from the competition in today’s marketplace and grab the attention of potential employers or recruitment consultants?

A compelling resume objective statement may just be your answer.
The intention of a resume objective statement is to declare the benefits you can bring to an employer in three principal ways:-  What is a Resume Objective Statement? 

  • Presenting your career goals to a potential employer.
  • Providing a summary of your achievements, experience and knowledge which are detailed within the body of your resume.
  • Outlining the types of roles you are exploring or the job you are applying for in the case of a specific vacancy.

Note : Researching the culture, client base and vision of the employer to tailor your objective statement to their company’s goal is a must!

Your objective statement should be the opening feature of your resume, directly beneath your contact details.

Five Keys to an Effective Resume Objective Statement

  • Keep it concise – one or two sentences are sufficient.  Lengthy, rambling statements will only encourage employers to return to the pile of resumes awaiting their attention.
  • If you possess a particular skill that you know is ideal for the company, identify that ability within your objective statement.  If possible follow-up with key achievements related to that skill but only if these are quantifiable.
  • Make it meaningful – for maximum impact a statement has to be specific. If it’s a general enquiry, consider the ideal position within that industry or company. Avoid simply stringing a handful of empty sentences together; an effective resume objective statement will take time to craft.
  • Writing an individual ‘Features, Achievements, Benefits’ (FAB) description will help to guide your statement.  For example, what are your featured skills and qualifications? How have these translated into achievements? Once you understand that you can create them into benefits for the employer. After all, what they are interested in is what you can do for them.
  • Include your goals if appropriate, but not at the expense of emphasizing the potential you will bring to a company.

Examples of Resume Objective Statements

All of these objective statements can be modified or built upon to suit your own industry or profession:-

  • To secure an entry level position as a systems administrator within a groundbreaking company to enable me to utilize my specific skills and insight and contribute to my employer’s vision.
  • To bring my five years’ experience in exceeding my annual sales targets by 20% to a visionary employer in the telecommunications field.
  • To demonstrate my flair for graphic design in creating eye catching designs that will impact directly on the success of a reputable software corporation.

Are Resume Objective Statements Essential?

Two schools of thought exist on resume objective statements.  Some deem them as superfluous, others as essential. One point to keep in mind is that the most effective resume objective statements can open the door to that dream opportunity.

Our opinion is that if they are meaningful and compelling they will make that vital difference between an employer either dismissing your resume or reading on.

The decision is yours.