12 Things Not To Do On Your First Day of Work

first day of work12 Things Not To Do On Your First Day At Work

Starting a new job is an exciting prospect.  It’s your chance to start afresh, your next (or possibly your first) step up the career ladder. Admittedly, it can also be nerve wracking but follow our tips for a trouble free first day.

Don’t turn up late – Set your alarm, set two alarms, get someone else to wake you up. Do all of the above, just don’t turn up late on your first day. Reinforce that impression you made in the interview of someone committed and raring to go. If anything, arrive half an hour early, it’s your first day after all.

Don’t dress casually– Wear appropriate clothing. Make sure to ask HR or your hiring manager what the appropriate work attire is! Don’t dye your hair purple the week before or wear your favorite shirt with that inconspicuous pasta stain in the corner that still hasn’t washed out.  A pristine, groomed image is vital.

Don’t forget your documentation – Whatever paperwork it is that you require, stick a big note on the front door so it’s visible before you leave the house the next morning.  Attention to detail and reliability is important.

Don’t be over familiar – You’re the new guy/girl on the block. Don’t approach your colleagues like you’re old buddies. Maintain a professional difference and be respectful.  Do not, under any circumstances, flirt with the hot guy or girl in the office (especially on day one)

Don’t take a full hour for lunch – Leave later than everyone else and return earlier.  It’s your first day, you need to be keen, eager, alert and ready to respond, whatever the situation.

Don’t talk religion and/or politics – Just don’t. You are guaranteed to inadvertently offend someone, it’s just how it is.

Don’t forget to take notes/ask questions – Be inquisitive, ask questions and make notes as you go along.  Your new employer will be impressed by your enthusiasm.

Don’t share your life story, warts, woes and all – You’ve got a long way to go. You’ll instinctively know when  – and if – you should share but not on your first day and preferably not within your first month.

Don’t criticize your former employer/colleagues – Equally, don’t sneer at your new employer’s policies and procedures with declarations of ‘that’s not how we did it at my old company’. This is a better opportunity for you, remember?

Don’t sit with your coat on and bags packed five minutes before finishing the day muttering something about feeding the dog  – It’s not professional. Take your time and allow others to leave first. Allow time for feedback and interaction with your employer.

Don’t take a lunchtime snooze  –  There’s nothing worse than sitting with your feet up on the desk, hands behind your head as you take a power nap. Nothing.

Don’t stress too much  - It’s only your first day, you’re not expected to know everything instantly. You were the best candidate for this job which is why you are here.  Keep that in mind and step out in confidence.

Above and beyond these tips, just be yourself!