The JOBS Act and Crowdfunding

Perhaps you have never thought of yourself as an investor, but now that the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act has gone into effect, you are now able to go online and invest your savings in new start up companies just like a venture capitalist.

The JOBS Act is one of the most exciting pieces of legislation to come out of Washington for small businesses in a long time. The JOBS Act allows entrepreneurs with ideas for start up companies to appeal directly to private, individual investors on the web. Using this new system, everyday Americans will be able to invest in companies they believe in, even if they have only a small amount in savings. This will enable small investors to get in on the ground floor of startups and will allow startups to raise funds from a wider audience and grow their businesses (read hire more employees) faster than ever before.

Take a look at this infographic on the JOBS Act and Crowdfunding from Online MPA Degrees and Fundable to learn more:

JOBS Act Infographic

About the author: Logan Harper is the Digital Strategist for MPA@UNC, a top ranked online MPA program from UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition to blogging, Logan enjoys traveling, cooking, and watching Netflix.


Logan Harper is a digital strategist for UNC-Chapel Hill's online master of public administration program - one of the top MPA programs in the U.S. In addition to higher education and public service, Logan loves technology, travel, and the museums of Washington, DC. Follow him on Twitter @harperlogan.