The Internship (2013) — Google’s New Talent Recruitment Video

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson reunite to star in The Internship. The two men lose their jobs after the company employing them goes under. Their new goal? Land a coveted internship at the search giant, Google. This comedy chronicles the new men on their journey of landing a full-time job at Google. Landing an internship at Google is a daunting task as the Internet giant hires between .01 and .04% of applicants. The concept for the film was originated from Vince Vaughn. Being from the Midwest, Vaughn saw the work culture at Google to be “very different from the work environment that he knew to be true (coming from the Midwest).” It was a smart move for Google to give full access and support the filming of this Hollywood flick. They have even taken an active role in promoting it (which will surely intensify as the opening date closes in) by having the trailer announced via a Google Hangout with Vaughn, Wilson & Conan O’Brien.

Undoubtably, The Internship (2013) will continue to fuel the demand for Google Internships. Take a quick look at the search demand (notice the spike in February) and it’ll be apparent how the movie has already influenced the query. Without further delay, check out the trailer below.