Proper Business Dining Etiquette

So you’ve been invited out to the big business dinner with the execs from home office. Congratulations! Your seat on the rocket ship has opened up. Time to put on your best attire and show everyone you deserve that seat. But wait. Do you know what proper business dining etiquette is? Is the meat knife on the inside or the outside? What if they are going out for sushi? Are you up to speed on proper sushi etiquette? If not (which is probably the case for 99%), take a moment and watch the video below and review the handy diagrams. Consider this your crash course in formal business dining etiquette. Bon appetit.

Dining etiquette video

business dining etiquette

Formal business dining etiquette 101 graphic

fork etiquette

Fork etiquette. What fork serves the purpose?

sushi etiquette

The do’s and dont’s of ordering sushi