Tools for a More Productive Day

Has this ever happened to you before? You check the clock on your cell phone sitting at the edge of your desk, only to realize it is 3:30 PM and you’ve only crossed off three of the seven items on the to-do list for the day?! It happens to us all the time. To help keep you organized, focused and on task, we’ve put together a list of personal productivity tools that we use here at jobZook. We hope you find this list to be helpful (and not a waste of your time).


teuxdeux-iPhoneTeux Deux is a simple  to-do app. Use the free browser-based TeuxDeux at work/home and then take your to-do’s on the road with the iPhone app. If you have a hard time keeping track of your daily tasks (either work related or personal), Teux Deux is a handy app that connects to your iPhone and web browser (Chrome works best).




Wunderlist is a free and easy to use task management app (an alternative to Teux Deux) that is available for download on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac OSX. It allows you to create multiple lists, set completion dates, notifications and reminders. You can create tasks from your email and share those tasks with other through email, Facebook Twitter and other social media sites.


LastPass is a web based password manager, form filler and password management tool. With LastPass, you’ll only need to remember one password, it’ll take care of the rest. Media outlets such as CNet, Forbes and Lifehacker claim it to be effective, secure and dummy-proof. LastPass encrypts your data and stores it locally on your PC (meaning only you can unlock it). The app works on 99.9% of operating systems and mobile devices.



StayFocused increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on websites. This free browser plug-in (currently supported by Google Chrome) allows you to set time limits on websites (social networks, blogs, rss feeds, etc) that distract you from doing work. Once your allotted time for the day has been used up, the plug-in will block your ability to access those websites for the remainder of the day.

FocusBooster is a free desktop application designed to help you eliminate the anxiety of time while enhancing your concentration and focus. The application was designed from the principles of Franceso Cirillo’s time management method called, The Pomodoro Technique. A technique that breaks down periods of work into twenty five minute intervals separated by short breaks (five to seven minutes in length). After every four Pomodoro intervals, a longer break is required (fifteen to twenty minutes).


Boomerang is a free Gmail plug-in that allows you to schedule e-mails and reminders. As a night owl, it I found it frustrating to use Gmail. I wouldn’t want to send e-mails to co-workers in the twilight hours but with Boomerang that problem is no more. Boomerang allows you to schedule e-mails and send them later at some point in the future. It also gives you the ability to ‘boomerang’ an e-mail. Meaning if you send an e-mail that you expect a response from (but never receive), Boomerang will return that e-mail to your inbox and remind you that the recipient never responded.

Rapportive is a free Gmail plug-in that shows you everything (known) about the contact you are e-mailing within your inbox. Rapportive uses the e-mail recipients e-mail address to search for the contact on social networking websites such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. You’ll be able to see where your contact is located, what their stated interests are, their job title / current employer and even their picture.

Break Time

 GetPocket is a handy app that allows you to store articles, videos, pretty much everything with a URL and read it later in your browser or on a mobile device. You can save URLs from the web, your phone and even social networks. GetPocket is compatible on the go with the iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire. Over five million people are currently using this app.



SoundGecko is an app that gives you the ability to listen to any article or RSS feed on the go. The application will take an article you find on the internet and read it back to you via MP3. SoundGecko integrates with both your browser and your mobile device. It is available in the App store, on Google Play and for Windows Phone.


Screenr is a web based screen recorder. This application makes it easy to create and share your screen casts across the internet. Compatible with both the Mac and PC (no downloads required).


Jing is an alternative to Screenr. The tool also allows you to capture screenshots and screen casts. Jing allows you to record up to five minutes of onscreen video.




What other tools do you use in your daily life to boost personal productivity?