How to Get a Job at Google

Getting a job at Google is no easy task and obviously the difficulty to land a job differs widely from one department to the next. Engineering jobs at Google are by far the most coveted within the organization. Out of the million resumes Google receives every year, the Internet giant hires between .01 and .04% (4,000 – 6,000) an astounding number. The company prides itself on its approach to hiring.

The process is intense. Typically two phone interviews and one or more (up to six) on-site interviews. Brainteasers should be expected. Former Google recruiter, Gayle McDowell, mentions in her new book The Google Resume, that fearlessness is the key when it comes to answering the brainteasers. They screen for the hardest working, most  intelligent candidates, which they can do for given the quantity of applicants they receive.

Interviews at Google involve a committee of four to five employees (Googlers). The company assess candidates based upon their leadership abilities, role-related knowledge, problem solving process / mental capacity and last but not least Googleyness (cultural fit). No one hiring manager has the power to hire a candidate, decisions are made as a committee. According to William Poundstone author of, Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google, claims that Google is looking for exceptionally intelligent extroverts.

Keep sure to explore the content below. Jobvine put together a great graphic that pulls out stats on how to get a job at Google. We’ve also embedded several videos featuring interview tips produced by the Google HR team.


Below are a few videos that further highlight how to interview successfully at Google.