Career Options for MPA Graduates [Infographic]

master-of-public-administrationA Master of Public Administration is a degree that can lead to a career in every major sector of the economy, public, private and nonprofit. So unless you already know where you want to work, determining where to apply to after completing this degree can be a daunting task. After all, almost every organization with more than a few employees needs someone who can effectively manage both resources and the workload of the staff. As a result, a graduate with an MPA might end up working in healthcare, law, education or even lobbying.

UNC-Chapel Hill’s MPA@UNC program teamed up with Online MPA Degrees to create a flowchart of possible careers for MPA students and graduates. Where Can A Master of Public Administration Take Me? isn’t meant to serve as a comprehensive review of jobs, but rather a selection that represents the possible paths graduates can take. We hope this graphic this inspires you to consider a career you had not previously imagined.

Where Can a Master of Public Administration Take Me?


Logan Harper is a digital strategist for UNC-Chapel Hill's online master of public administration program - one of the top MPA programs in the U.S. In addition to higher education and public service, Logan loves technology, travel, and the museums of Washington, DC. Follow him on Twitter @harperlogan.